Softspace [Single] - download

Softspace [Single] - download

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Softspace is a song that started off as a mantra (see mantra's). The more we sang it during trainings and workshops, the more it started to grow inside of me. Together with Bob it evolved into the jazzy, launchy sound it has here. I also added a chorus. It is a song about the soft space we all have deep down, this place of Love and Acceptance, where we can be emphatic and tolerant and truly connected.

💗 Let yourself be filled up with soft space, the song will give you a warm bath of love and joy, allow movement and acceptance in your body 💗

First single of the EP "Becoming Whole" 


Lyrics by Ilse Grace Scheers - 4'31"

Composed by Ilse Grace Scheers and Bob Seghers

Release date: 19 Novembre 2019

The download is a HQ mp3 format.