Becoming Whole [mini Album] - download

Becoming Whole [mini Album] - download

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EP - Becoming Whole

3 songs & 1 bonus track

  • Softspace - 4'31"
  • Glistening Heart - 4'58"
  • More of Me - 3'35"
  • Be As One - Bonus Track - 4'27"

Becoming Whole EP (19-11-19) is my second album/EP, about 7 years after my debut album Heart Matters (12-12-12) . A period in which I changed my career from Manager in the Art Scene to starting my own Company and building up a successful Practice/Centre for Energy Work in Coaching & Energy Healing, giving sessions, courses and trainings in Belgium and abroad. 

It was the encounter with Bob Seghers in Glastonbury (2017) that pulled me over, my songs had been ready for awhile yet the idea I had around sound and energy needed a different production approach. Bob turned out to be thé man I needed.

The musicians were actually easy to find: the drummer of my frist album, and good friend Kris Deurinckx had been diving into the bass for years now, he wanted to join right away yet on the bass this time, so cool, he is playing it wonderfully! And a common colleague-musician of Kris ànd Bob turned out to be exactly the fantastic all-round drummer we needed: Nico Manssens.
Last but not least we found the rest of the dreamteam: lovely ànd all professional backing vocalists An Pierlé (yes, the An Pierlé!) and Cleo Janse (known from Bony King of Nowhere!).

My songs are again about Life, about Love, about the Soul, about a Love (R)Evolution yet my growth on the personal ànd artistic level together with the diverse expertise of Bob made this Album to what it is: Becoming Whole.

See, feel, hear, taste for yourself, I hope you will be inspired!

''Bob Seghers spends his life connecting creative and productional challenges. Starting out behind a church organ at age 10, sound intrigued him more than anything. He looks for a balance between melody and harmony, sound and rhythm, colouring songs as if they were paintings. His contributions to this Ilse Grace album started out with co-writing Ilse’s songs and include playing all keys and recording and mixing the album.''


Ilse Grace Scheers - Lead vocals, backing vocals & chakra drum

An Pierlé - Backing Vocals

Cleo Janse - Backing Vocals

Bob Seghers - Keyboards & programming

Kris Duerinckx - Bass

Nico Manssens - Drums


Bob Seghers - Production, recording and mixing

Pierry Tys - Recording & mixing engineer


Drums & Bass recorded at Rockstar Recordings (BE)

Keyboards recorded at Studio EP Service (NL)

All other recording and mixing at Seghers & Seghers Studio (BE)


All lyrics by Ilse Grace Scheers

All music by Ilse Grace Scheers & Bob Seghers


''Becoming Whole'' 

19-11-19: release of EP

Spring of 2020: release of Full Album/Vinyl

The download is a zip-file including 3 HQ songs, 1 HQ bonus track in mp3 format and the cover picture of the EP "Becoming Whole".